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How to reach Grandiben

December 2, 2013 by admin

Arriving by train:

Station: S.Lucia

(There are trolleys you can use to carry your luggage. Boat tickets sold on the waterfront- left )
see also our “arriving in venice” section

boat number 1 (Direction LIDO- 50 minutes- Through Canal Grande)
boat number 41 (30 minutes – Through Canale della Giudecca)
actv for further details

Stop: ARSENALE (Second stop past S.Marco).

N:1 is the most traditional way to approach the old center and its treasures. It carries you along the Grand Canal…wonderful and slow (1 hour’s time to reach the Arsenale stop: it is normally considered to be worth the time  you spend on it).

N.41 is faster (35 minutes)- its way to Arsenale is through the Giudecca Canal.


Arriving by car:

Not particularly advisable: you will never drive a car in Venice and it will cost you good money to park it.
Anyway, there are two parking lots, at the end of the bridge connecting Venice to the mainland: Garage S.Marco in Piazzale Roma, and Tronchetto ( this one is a bit less expensive,but farer).

Here are the references:

30125 Venezia (VE) – isola del Tronchetto
RATES: cars 18 euros (from 1 hour to 24 hours, the same rate)
tel: 041 5207555 – fax: 041 5285750
tel: 041 926478

Garage S. Marco
30135 Venezia (VE) – PL. ROMA 467/F
tel: 041 5232213

Garage Venezia
30135 Venezia (VE) – PL. ROMA 466
tel: 041 5228725

From Piazzale Roma, boat n.1 to the Arsenale stop.
actv for further details.


Arriving by plane:


Airport: Marco Polo

There is a hydrofoil shuttle- BLUE LINE- straight from the airport to the Arsenale.

first  for Arsenale 8.45, last 00.15, . ( approx.1 hour’s time to the Arsenale).

starting at the 15th and 45th minute of each hour

for details about the timetable:

Please note: you should consider to reach the apartment 2 hours later then the time of your landing, considering the baggage claim and so on…)


Airport: Treviso Canova

There are essentially two low-cost airlines landing in Treviso : Ryanair and Transavia. For both a dedicated bus service is arranged, so one can reach Venezia-Piazzale Roma in one hour’s time. From Piazzale Roma, boat n° 1 direction Lido, stop Arsenale ( aprox. 50 minutes). So one should estimate from 2 hours to 2 hours and half from the time of the landing in Treviso to the time one actually gets to the apartment.
more info at:
Please note: restaurants, pizzas, bars tend to close early in Venice. So you will not find anything open after getting to the apartment- and even in Piazzale Roma it might be difficult to find some refreshment. So we would advise to buy something at the airport, before taking the bus.



From “ARSENALE” boat stop to the Grandiben apartment (Castello 4003)

Reaching Grandiben from the boat stop is an  easy and short way ( 5 minutes): this favourable condition shouldn’t be overlooked, as many other accomodations are 10 to 20 minutes off the nearest boat stop.

From the boat stop,your  back to the water, go straight ahead, cross the Riva degli Schiavoni and take the narrow street  called Calle dei Forni. After a few meters, take keft ( Calle della Pegola) and reach the canal bank. Take right and cross the bridge: you are in front of  Castello 4003 ( Palazzo Grandiben)

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